About Lightbulb Moments

I started this blog to synthesize my counseling background, love of creativity, and decades of reading self-help books into an incredibly helpful resource for other lazy schmucks like me. May this blog inspire you to get up off the couch, stop neglecting your art, and go make fabulous mischief in the world.

About Me

#humidityI’m a thirty-something lady living in upstate New York. I’ve had lots of crazy jobs, including chaplain, dog-walker, public relations lady, addictions counselor, web editor, wedding celebrant, and three unsuccessful weeks as a telemarketer when I was sixteen.

Things I love: thrift stores, 60s rock, naps, cities, makeover shows, old-school jazz, firm massage, classic literature, libraries, raw food desserts, true crime documentaries, swimming laps, J.S. Bach, mafia movies, and dogs. All of the dogs.

Also a big fan of:

Three truths and one lie

  • I got engaged to a man I knew for two weeks.
  • I once spoke to “Dear Abby” on the telephone.
  • I went ten-days without speaking.
  • I met a man so wealthy that his personal alarm-clock was a troupe of can-can dancers.

Contact me at lightbulbmos AT gmail.com to find out which one is the lie.