Stay motivated every day with these 3 actions

Staying motivated is one of the hardest aspects of having big goals. Its easy to write a bucket-list or visualize success, but how do we cope with the daily grind in the meantime? Here’s 3 ideas for micro-actions you can take this week to keep yourself focused towards your goals and next steps.

Change your passwords to goal-reminders

Want to have a million dollars? Travel to Morocco? Keep your eyes on the prize with email/Facebook/etc password that reminds you of this goal. You’ll be reminded to stick to your goals, multiple times a week (or even multiple times a day).

Give yourself pep-talks during slivers of down-time

We all have those moments, several times a day, where we are waiting for our screen to load, or the elevator to arrive, or our coffee to brew. Use these tiny moments to visualize your dreams, silently say positive affirmations, or simply take a moment to breathe deeply and simply be. All these little moments will eventually add up!

Let your desktop background inspire you

In 2006, I was working for an editorial company where I was chained to my desk all day. My desktop background was the whimsical Chesme church in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  I loved looking at this crazy Willy Wonka-style building every time I was at my computer. I dreamed that I would one day visit this church.  And you know what? In 2011, I made it happen!



Bicycle photo by Cristina Gottardi.