Hell, yes! 5 personal game-changers

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on “the differences that make a difference.” And I’ve also been thinking about tracking the things I am doing right, and not just the things I want to improve. Here’s my list,

Going to bed at 9:30pm

I am reformed night-owl! As a kid, I hated going to bed early. Now, I can’t wait to put on my pajamas and dive into bed around 9:30pm for a solid night’s  sleep. Getting good sleep has worked miracles in my productivity and mental health.

Eating oatmeal for breakfast

Half-a-cup of oatmeal in the morning keeps me going all day.  It fills me up and makes me less “snacky,” especially in the afternoon.

Saving money with digit.co

Digit.co takes a couple of dollars here and there out of my bank account. The savings accumulate over time, and before you know it, I have a nice chunk of change that I was barely cognizant of saving. Really handy for extra spending money or to get out of a tight spot. (Oh, I want to emphasize I am not being paid zip to endorse these guys.) 

Starting a Filofax

I give full credit to Gala Darling for this gem of an idea. My filofax (which isn’t an actual filofax) is a small folder that I fill with my dreams, visions, ideas, to-do lists, and reference materials. I carry it everywhere. It brings order to my chaos.

Writing down ten ideas a day

This is totally James Altucher’s idea, and as they would say in Australia, its a “bloody ripper.” I write down ten ideas every day, and it really gets me thinking and moving about possibilities I’d never have considered.