june recap: let’s get this party started

I am writing this post from the New York Public Library Mid-Manhattan branch. This morning, I volunteered in the soup kitchen, a place that always surprises me for the unexpected joy and blessings alive there. Its stinkin’ hot out. I’m fighting the urge to visit the Mister Softie truck to get something with rainbow sprinkles.

This month, I have been delighted to launch this blog. If nothing else, it is quite fun to think up topics and test them out. I figure the best way to learn is just churn things out and not be afraid to fall on my face. I hope you enjoy the ride, too.

June had its highs and lows. In terms of goals, this month I gave up milk and social media, and took some important steps to improve my diet. Also, I have begun working towards some career aspirations. On the down side, I didn’t live up to my own promises regarding meditation and health. Baby steps, baby steps. May July be a month of strong resolve and self-discipline!

Things that I got a kick out of this month:

This Rainbow Apartment is the Stuff of Unicorn Dreams 
In other news, I want to be this woman. Or her BFF.

Book Returned To New York Public Library Almost 55 Years Overdue
Better late than never?

6 Secrets for Getting Out of a Rut (That These Badass, Creative Women Know)
Lovely ideas from some really talented ladies.

Salvador Dalí’s Body Ordered Exhumed In Paternity Suit
This story is, dare I say, quite surreal.

How to Say “Peace” in Different Languages
My favorite is “Fandriampahalemana”

Next month, I want to focus on small things that make a big difference, so stay tuned for more posts along that theme. Ciao and thanks for joining me so far!